Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ...

Do you ever read Aaron McGruder's newspaper strip, The Boondocks? Maybe you should start. I'm serious. Even though he no longer draws it himself [profile in The New Yorker], this strip is still one of the most incisive (and often flammatory) works on the market. You will sometimes find it on the Op-Ed page, but then too many people miss it. It truly belongs on the funnies page -- even though some folks will skip it because it has too many words. Well, yesterday's entry does not have too many words. I saved a copy because I know makes its strips freely available for only about a week or so. So, without further ballyhoo, I bring the comic to you. Out of the mouths of children, comes wisdom. Enjoy!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE -- Boondocks by Aaron McGruder -- Dec 15, 2004 -- Pagan Holiday CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

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