Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday Pet Blogging | Oh CATmas Tree

This will be our first Yuletide season with Milo & Otis. As far as we know, this will be their first Xmas ever. So we were a bit worried about the tree. I put it up last Thursday -- with no ornamentation -- and even tied it to the bannister with a ribbon (just in event that a tree-climbing-escapade breaks out in the dining room). But there have been no problems. The tree is now decorated, and the boys just like to hang out under it. Well, Otis also likes to dive under the tree skirt from time to time, but still no problems. [Knocks on wood].

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE -- Milo & Otis cozy up under the tree. Milo (foreground) and Otis are comfortable with the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

Milo(?) is looking a little *too* content. Have you checked your supply of eggnog lately?