Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I saw this placard in the parking lot of the Borders Books and Music store on Route 309 (North Wales, PA) last night. I snapped the picture at 7:15PM. I don't know if the owner voted for Kerry -- or even if he/she voted at all -- all I know is that I was truly hoping that this discarded placard was not symbolic of the election outcome.

discarded 'Vote John Kerry' Placard

Can I console myself with the fact that my state, Pennsylvania, went with Kerry? I don't know that anything can console me right now. Oh, I know that neither candidate is the savior their campaigns (and supporters) tried to make them out to be. But there were some important issues on the line and I cannot help but think a second Bush term will do more harm than good for this nation ... and the world.

The Daily Snap photoblog nicely sums up many conflicting emotions with this entry.

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