Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election Outcome Elicits a Wealth of Reactions

I tried to post this yesterday evening, but Blogger was having a hissy fit. So I bring it to you now. Reactions to the 2004 Presidential Election are varied and seem to run just as hot as an individual's emotions can carry them. At the far extreme of rage and disappointment we have James Wolcott saying "Good, Go Ahead, America, Choke on Your Own Vomit, You Deserve to Die" [], and he also asks if anyone knows how to make a noose. And there is TBogg's sparkling assessment that this 2000 redux means we are all, ahem, screwed [warning, explicit language; really, you have been warned so don't blame me if you find that link offensive]. Ken Layne waxes poetic about Jesusland -- OK, so it's not exactly poetic (but I do find it humorous that the Ads by Goooooogle banner picked up on the mention of "Jesus" and so all the ads are christian in content). And there is no shortage of vitriol over at Rising Hegemon [another disclaimer here for explicit language]; I can barely select just one post. Moving on to the more positive, or at least equanimous, voices in the blogosphere. Father Jake, ever the voice of reason, writes of lessons he learned in this election. The Bull Moose offers some day after observations, and points out a few bright spots. Over at the Get Religion blog, Douglas LeBlanc tells us he is ready to take the pledge: A nonpartisan willingness to place the commonwealth ahead of ideological purity. Of course, it is easier (and maybe even more fun) to find and write posts that mourn, whine, curse, or lament the election outcome. It's also far too easy to hold a grudge because "your" candidate(s) didn't win and fall into the attitude of "I'm going to pack it in and be whiney and snarky for the next four years, waiting for the light of reason to bless our nation again." But that won't help anyone. Least of all "you" (the proverbial "you" -- not necessarily the individual currently reading this post). In spite of the negative campaign ads, the vicious attacks, and ungrounded rhetoric (from both sides, mind you), and the once-again-absent-youth-vote, this was an amazing election. Think about it. Maybe it was just me, but people as a whole seemed to be much more plugged into this election than past ones that I can remember -- of course, I cast my first ballot in a presidential election in 1988, so my political memory isn't exactly long, but ... still. Regardless of how you feel about the outcome, this is still your country. And the folks in office represent you. Make them earn their (ridiculously high) salaries! Stay calm, stay focused, and fer-cryin'-out-loud stay in the game. Things only get more intense and important from this point forward. To fire us all up, I leave you with the lyrics to Anthem:

ANTHEM No man, no madness, Though their sad power may prevail, Can possess, conquer, my country's heart They rise to fail She is eternal Long before nations' lines were drawn When no flags flew, and no armies stood My land was born And you ask me why I love her Through wars, death and despair She is the constant We who don't care And you ask me would I leave her -- but how? I cross over borders but I'm still there now How can I leave her? Where would I start? Let men's petty nations tear themselves apart My land's only borders lie around my heart

(Tim Rice/Benny Andersson/Bjoern Ulvacus -- from the musical, Chess)

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