Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day!

It's finally here: Election Day 2004! I voted first thing this morning, so I am feeling very civic. And I thought I would share a few images of the process with you. I've already emailed copies of these pics to MSNBC for their Citizen Journalist project, but just in case they don't use them ... well, here they are.
First off, here is the very special bin I set out for political mailers:
Political Mail Bin -- click for larger image  closer look at Political Mail Bin -- click for larger image
This cute little bin sits just below my mailbox. Sorry Mike, I never read your flyers!
Second, here is the entrance to my friendly neighborhood polling place in Sellersville, PA (St. Paul's United Church of Christ on Green Street):
Polling entrance at St. Pauls -- click for larger image
We are still using the old lever-style voting booths. But that just means we won't have to deal with hanging chads or computer meltdowns. Here, a woman brought her 2-year-old daughter into the booth with her:
teaching the next generation -- click for larger image
I hope that you, too, took care and pride in exercising your right and responsibility to vote. Informed voters rule! (At least that's the theory.)


Anonymous said...

I think that it was your wife who thought up the political mail bin idea. Just clarifying.

brainwise said...

Absolutely correct! All I did was implement my wife's fantastic idea. Unfortunately, our postman can barely use our mailbox, let alone read this sign and drop the flyers in here. We end up sorting the mail at the door.

But this little bucket greatly entertained parents of trick-or-treaters who stopped by on Sunday night.