Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day! -- Part II

One of my colleagues, Scott, is voting in his very first election. He lives in the Horsham, PA area, and he agreed to let me come along and photograph him. On the way we talked about the election, and he told me that the Vietnamese vote seems to be deeply entrenched in the Republican party. So much so that Scott's father would be very upset to find out that his son is a Kerry supporter (hence no last names here). We tried to get Scott to wear a Kerry t-shirt at home, but he wouldn't do it.
Scott's polling place is Simmons Elementary School at 411 Babylon Road in Horsham. Here we see the entrance to the polls, Scott signing in, and then Scott getting some instruction on the electronic voting booth:
Polling Entrance, Simmons Elementary in Horsham -- click for larger image Scott signs in -- click for larger image Getting last minute instructions for the electronic voting booth -- click for larger image
As I stated in my previous post, my polls are still using the mechanical booths. So I wanted to get a closer look at this machine. Unfortunately, that was not to be. I asked permission to take a quick photo, and the election volunteer checked with the on-site judge, but the answer was no. Actually, there was no clear-cut answer -- they didn't have guidelines either way. So, when in doubt, deny. But they did let me take a picture of the sample ballot:
the ballot -- click for larger image

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