Thursday, October 21, 2004

Knowledge@Wharton: Polls, Votes, and All That…

Intro quoted from the monthly Knowledge@Wharton Newsletter:
A Special Report from Knowledge@Wharton: "As the U.S. presidential election approaches in early November, speculation runs high on whether President George W. Bush will win again or lose to John Kerry. In addition to that big question, though, the election presents several other issues, which we examine in this special report. First, Knowledge@Wharton looks at the credibility and methodology of polls - a subject that could have implications for politics, but also for business forecasting, according to Wharton faculty. Next, we examine the controversy surrounding Proposition 71, a proposal on California's ballot to create a $3 billion state fund to assist embryonic and other stem cell research. Finally, Knowledge@Wharton looks at the impact of the Hispanic vote on the presidential race."

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