Thursday, October 14, 2004

Jamie Cullum: Twentysomething

I am currently listening to Jamie Cullum's latest disc, Twentysomething. It was on sale this week at Circuit City for $6.99.
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Jamie is a two-fisted, jazz-pop artist; a "twenty-something" phenom whose latest CD is already double platinum in the UK. I first caught him on TV -- VH1 I am guessing, I really cannot recall -- and I was impressed with the live gig they were showing. He had energy, verve, and kind of a punk-pop attitude to the jazz/swing/lounge standards he was playing. I'm not catching that same vibe from the CD. It is much mellower, but I don't regret the 7 bucks I paid. I do, however, wish I could get my hands on some live recordings. I'm going to check out the tracks he did on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They are an "exclusive" to CONNECT.

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brainwise said...

OK. I checked out the two live tracks at CONNECT. They are 99 cents each for download, but listening to the preview informed me that I didn't want to shill out the buck or two. Both are pretty much in the same mellow vein that is on the record. Not the whomp I was looking for -- and know he can deliver. I wonder if VH1 (or whoever aired that concert) will release a recording of it?