Thursday, October 14, 2004

Blame it on HER Youth

Reflecting on my previous post ... Jamie does a pleasant enough cover of "Blame It on My Youth," but if you want to really hear that song done properly, I think you owe it to yourself to check out Holly Cole. Holly Cole is hard to define. She started out, more or less, as a jazz vocalist singing standards and such in a minimalist style with her band, the Holly Cole Trio. But with her 1995 release, Temptation, which is a collection of Tom Waits covers, she began to broaden her spectrum a bit. I would call her more of a vocal interpreter, now, particularly in light of her 1997 disc, Dark Dear Heart. Anyway, back to the tune, "Blame It on My Youth." This song appears on her 1991 album of the same name (left), as well as her 1993 release, Don't Smoke in Bed (on the right):
You really cannot go wrong by adding a few of her discs to your collection.

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