Thursday, December 31, 2015

Emotions Revealed - A "Lost" Steve Roach Album from the 80s

If you want to chill a little on the last day of 2015, you could do so with this "lost" recording by Steve Roach.

From the website:
A delayed transmission from the early 80s. Discovered serendipitously in 2015, these lost tracks created just prior to the Structures from Silence era represent two then-emerging sides of Steve’s artistic muse. “Emotion Revealed” is a mesmerizing, yearning sequencer exploration connected to the German school of electronic music. “Firelight” was his first long-form atmospheric composition of emotional introspection — stillness, silence, and solitude. Two essential touchstones of Steve’s sonic origin. 

Stream it here, or go to and download it (for whatever price you'd like to pay).


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