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Friday 80s Flashback for August 7, 2015

[When "The Doctor" was Punk] -- So, a month ago today, we took off for SDCC 2015. (Please note: Dangrdafne and I are still working on several blog posts about that week for Bookended By Cats -- stay tuned!). Among the big attractions for SDCCers were Doctor Who and the Nerdist Podcast. In fact, Peter Capaldi, the actor portraying the 12th incarnation of The Doctor, made an appearance on a live recording of the Nerdist Podcast. During that show, Capaldi made reference to the fact that he and actor/comedian/former talkshow host, Craig Ferguson, were in a punk band together! And this band, the Dreamboys, recorded an EP back in 1980! Capaldi sang and played guitar while Ferguson played drums. Temple Clark and Roderick Murray rounded out the foursome. Just look at Capaldi rocking out (and rocking the sweater vest):

Although The Dreamboys had an EP, and some experience playing live at places like The Hellfire Club in Glasgow, they never truly took off (much like many a punk band in the early 80s). According to Capaldi, The Dreamboys were the only band that John Peel (yes, he of The Peel Sessions) never gave a session to in Glasgow. Perhaps that's a pity. However, if that band had succeeded, we likely would not have had the opportunity to watch Capaldi and Ferguson's careers bloom in acting and comedy.

So, for this week's Flashback, we have The Dreamboys' 3-song EP with the following tracks (and their locations in the YouTube video):
  • "Bela Lugosi's Birthday" 0:00
  • "Outer Limits" 3:15
  • "Shall We Dance" 5:48

For a few more details about Capaldi and The Dreamboys, check out this Noisey feature from 2013: Peter Capaldi, aka The New Doctor Who, Has A Secret Punk Past.

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I'll see you in seven!

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