Friday, December 27, 2013

Updated Leader Board for 25 Days of Winter Holiday Trivia

Well, one new trivia fan has joined the game since my last leader board update ... and he soared straight to the top! Now, this contest is technically over because I am not posting any new questions. However, I have only posted answers for Days 1 through 16,  so if you want to take a shot at the gift cards that will go to the top three scorers, you can test your wits with the remaining entries (starting here on Day 17) and simply message me your answers. Don't post in the comments unless you don't mind sharing your work. (Just DM me on Twitter, private message me on FB, or use the contact info on this blog to email me).

As of today, the top three players are:
  1. Colin G. 
  2. Stephen B.
  3. Purehero
Thank you for playing! 

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