Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Days of Winter Holiday Trivia: Day 18

As I've mentioned previously, this time of year is home to many festivals and religious observances. This very week, in fact, marked the start of an ancient Roman winter festival. It was a major holiday and it was celebrated with drinking, gift-giving, bonfires, candles, and a bit of role-reversal (and I'm not exactly talking about roleplaying). And, although I used the past tense in my brief description of the holiday, there are folks who yet persist in its observance. Your question for this, the 18th day of my 25 Days of Winter Holiday is:
What is the name of the Roman solstice festival that began this week, runs three to seven days in length, and is observed with many of the traditions now associated with Christmas (gifts, feasting, etc.).   
Bonus Question: What are the colors of this holiday? 

I know I usually close with a musical selection, but I'm in a rush today. Besides, most of the selections I've been posting with my trivia questions come from posts I wrote last year during my 25 Days of Holiday Music, so you can always visit the archives for more tunes.

See you tomorrow!

Contest Notes:

Remember, my 25 Days of Winter Holiday Trivia is an actual contest. If you want to participate, all you have to do is send me your answer to each question I've posted (and for which I have not yet posted the answer). I'll start posting answers on Wednesday, but will likely only go through the first week of trivia. So you still have time to go back through the posted questions and rack up some points.

Points? Yes! The three folks who rack up the most points in my trivia game will receive a gift card!

If you want to participate, simply message me your answers. Don't post in the comments unless you don't mind sharing your work. (Just DM me on Twitter, private message me on FB, or use the contact info on this blog to email me).

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