Sunday, December 15, 2013

25 Days of Winter Holiday Trivia: Day 15

Cakes and sweets of all kinds have been used to mark seasonal observances long before Christmas was a holiday. By the 1500s, however, Christmas cookies had pretty much become entrenched as tradition all across Europe. I would dare say that cookies make up most of my earliest and most-cherished memories of this time of year. And, as you might have guessed from yesterday's question, we're kind of into the Christmas Cookie thing. So, let's do another cookie related question for today's trivia:
What is considered to be the first cake/cookie traditionally associated with Christmas?

Make certain you submit your answer to as many of my trivia questions as you can. Why? I'll be posting the leaderboard this weekend! (And once I post official answers to earlier questions, you can no longer get credit for them; see the contest notes below).

Because today's question was about cookies, and it is traditional (in some families) to leave cookies out for Santa, I'm posting "(Let's Give) A Christmas Present to Santa Claus" as your musical selection. Recorded in the early 50s, it was likely released as a single during that time (or at least played on the radio), but it did not appear on an album until 1997's Songs from White Christmas (& Other Yuletide Favorites). That album collected 12 Clooney Christmas classics, all recorded between 1951 and 1956.

Contest Notes:

Remember, 25 Days of Winter Holiday Trivia is an actual contest. If you want to participate, all you have to do is send me your answer to each question I've posted (and for which I have not yet posted the answer). I'll start posting answers on Wednesday, but will likely only go through the first week of trivia. So you still have time to go back through the posted questions and rack up some points.

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