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Friday 80s Flashback for October 25, 2013

Cover Art by Brad from Running to Stand Still

[Joshua Tree Tour] -- I recently subscribed to Concert Vault,"The World’s Greatest Collection of Concert Recordings." I don't know if it's really the greatest, but it certainly is very extensive. From Count Basie and His Orchestra at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1959 to We Were Promised Jetpacks at Outdoor Stage On Sixth in 2012 (and a whole slew of recordings from the archives of Bill Graham Presents), Concert Vault's depth and breadth of recordings is impressive. Now, a subscription is required to download playlists (which are around $5 each), but you do not need a membership to stream the playlists. And, yes, they do have a decent collection of 80s artists. This is great resource for me because I wasn't able to see many concerts when I was younger (distance from venues and lack of money colluded to prevent my attendance). Case in point: U2. I loved this band but I never got to see them live until the 360 Tour. Thanks to Concert Vault, I can now virtually attend a seminal performance by U2: a live show at Madison Square Garden during The Joshua Tree tour! You can read and hear more about this show after the break.

Flashback Concert: U2 at Madison Square Garden (New York, NY) | SEP 28, 1987

Here are the details about this show from Concert Vault's liner notes:

Bono - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo
The Edge - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Adam Clayton - bass
Larry Mullen, Jr - drums
Guests: The New Voices of Freedom - choir on track 24
Recorded on the Joshua Tree Tour, when U2 was arguably near the peak of their powers, this remarkable soundboard recording captures the first night of U2's two-night stand at Madison Square Garden in New York City. A better U2 setlist one would be hard-pressed to find, as they emphasize material from Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree, with a few choice oldies and b-sides rounding out the performance.
Passionate performances like this one cemented the bond between U2 and many American listeners, and indeed this night was among those filmed for the Rattle & Hum movie, which celebrates this era. This particular night is also notable for including not one, but two performances of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" - initially surfacing in a powerful rendition early in the set that includes Bono quoting Bob Marley's "Exodus." It again turns up during the encore, where the great Harlem gospel choir New Voices Of Freedom join the band onstage.

You can stream the full playlist from this show here:

As visitors to my Flashbacks are used to YouTube links, I've embedded a video below (the notes indicate it is from a soundboard recording).

Neither the Concert Vault nor the YouTube link have any video footage from the show. 

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