Thursday, December 13, 2012

25 Days of Holiday Music: Day 13

Yesterday's song was about Santa Claus, so I thought we would follow it up with another on that same topic. But I want to go in a different direction. The title of today's song -- which is performed by the great Celtic folk-rock foursome, Emerald Rose -- gives you a hint of that direction: "Santa Claus is Pagan, Too."

Yes, today's song sings the praises of the jolly bearded man we know and love. However, it is not necessarily the goodly Saint Nick, grand patron of consumerism and department stores, who often inhabits the red suit and sleigh. No, this merry tune runs through a variety of pre-Christian traditions and briefly attributes them to certain aspects of Mr. Claus (and one non-Pagan aspect, that of Santa having a Buddha belly). The song doesn't try to force the issue and argue, say, that Santa Claus is really Odin, but it does make a point that "Christmas time is really Yule." But it is all done in good fun, and includes the following, good-natured verse:

Now history says Christ was likely
Not a Capricorn
But if you want to share our Yule
We don’t care when he’s born

So, whatever your beliefs and winter holiday preference, if you love Santa then I'll ween you'll love this song, too. Give it a listen, and I dare say you'll not be able to resist tapping your foot or even singing along!

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