Tuesday, December 11, 2012

25 Days of Holiday Music: Day 11

Today's holiday song, "I Wish It Was Christmas Today," started as an SNL skit (Saturday Night Live, Season 26, Episode 21; airdate May 19, 2001). In that episode, Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan performed their Christmas tune under the banner of "And Now A Holiday Treat For All." In 2009, during The Strokes' hiatus, frontman Julian Casablancas recorded and released a version the song. Casablancas also appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and performed the song live with The Roots, Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon.

You can see the 2001 SNL skit here, while Julian Casablancas' 2010 performance of the song (taped at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX) is here . And below you will find the single version by Julian Casablancas.

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