Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Week's Flashback Theme

As you may recall, the theme for the 5/18/2012 Flashback was left for folks to guess. Only two 80s-philes made the attempt to determine what tied the three songs together (my good friend Heidi offered a guess on my Facebook wall, while @Ursula_9 posted a comment on the actual blog post). Each had a reasonable idea, but neither really captured it.

Are you ready to learn the 5/18/2012 Flashback theme?

It was: Advertising (80s tunes in TV commercials)!

Go Go's song was used in a Pantene ad. (Head over heels for hairspray?)

The Cure's tune was used in an HP Printer ad (and this was probably the best, almost appropriate, use of the three).

Devo was used in a Swiffer ad. (Talk about a devolution!)

Now, go check out the latest Flashback!

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