Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hail Spring!

On this, the day of the Spring Equinox, I wish the blessings of Ostara (Eostre, Oschder, Alban Eilir, etc.) upon all my family, friends, and kindred spirits. Here is a little something I wrote for an Ostara observation in 2008 (it was later featured on this blog in 2009):

Frigga, ever wise, Mother of all 

Freya, our Lady of love, beauty, and fertility 

Nerthus, earth Mother, womb of the world 

Sunna, Lady of the heavens, bright and glorious in your return 

Ostara, the spring Maiden, it is in your name we gather this day 

  Winter is over 

The land is awakened with your creative and sustaining powers 

Flowers long to bloom 

The light quickens, lengthening the days 

And, soon we hope, warming them as well. 

  Thus the cycle continues. 

Spring is nigh upon us: 

Ostara takes root in our hearts 

And then blossoms in our deeds. 

We depart knowing her blessings.

© Brian Weis 2008 


Alladesria said...

Beautiful! I read your poem at my altar. What a perfect way to bless the day! Thank you.

Brainwise said...

Thank you for your kind words, Alladesria. I appreciate it!