Sunday, September 05, 2010


If your paycheck is your primary motivation, you should look elsewhere. No paycheck can compensate you for a meaningless work like, and you'll live happily on less if you are genuinely enthusiastic about what you do." -- Urbanska, Wanda. "Paths to Simplicity." Experience Life June 2010: 74-76. Isn't it interesting that I read this today, just one day after concluding the worst few weeks I have ever experienced at the day job?

man dead in cubicle bunker
Colorblind/Stone/Getty Images
Another one bites the dust.


Svehex said...

The paycheck is my only motivation to work. Otherwise I'd stay at home. But since that isn't financially possible.I have to work.Can't look elsewhere, since I don't have anywhere to look.

Brainwise said...

Ah, Svehex, I am sorry to hear that. I do understand the sentiment, as my dayjob is pretty much what funds the things I want to do and I have no desire to climb the corporate ladder or be any more involved than I am.

All I can say is that I was very much struck upon reading the bit I've quoted here. It was one of those "pay attention" moments for me (I mean, the magazine is four months old!).

So, perhaps this message is not for you ... maybe not at this time. But perhaps that time will come for you.

Nielle said...

I'm trying to find that lucrative passion that I would enjoy earning a paycheck for... very challenging in times when you feel lucky for just having a job.
Very unsatisfied currently and the pay isn't even enough!