Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mad Scientist Blocks

Just in time for the holidays (go ahead and pick one), Xylocopa has a gift that will help your child along the path to mad science proficiency ... one block at a time.
Are they not gorgeous? According to their website, the blocks' images started as original pen-and-ink drawings that they laser engraved onto -- get this -- solid blocks of American maple wood. And, being alphabetical, the topics include
  • A - Appendages
  • B - Bioengineering
  • C - Caffeine
  • D - Dirigible
  • E - Experiment
  • F - Freeze ray (you can see this one in the posted image)
Refer to Xylocopa's website for the full list. Now, I must warn you. The blocks retail for $39.95 (not so bad considering the craftsmanship and coolness quotient). Also, Xylocopa cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas morning. In fact, they're not shipping until probably after the Solstice ("...will ship on or around December 22..."), so they won't make it for anyone's Yule celebration either -- unless, of course, you're holding it off till later in the month. But I must say, I love these blocks. I don't know whatmy niece would think of them, but I certainly want a set on my desk at work.

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