Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Idiots in the Wild: Group of Bird Watchers Commit Act of Face-Smacking Stupidity

Here's the nickel summary of the story: Man spots rarely seen bird -- a burrowing owl. Tells other nearby birders who repeatedly flush the oul into the air so it could be seen. Within hours, the burrowing owl is torn apart by a hawk. Afterward, Robert Hughes, the man who first spotted the owl and sent an alert to others, wrote: "The sad truth is that we birders may very well have been responsible for the demise of the burrowing owl." Well, give that man a gold star and call him Captain Obvious! If this is how folks are appreciating local wildlife, I'd feel a lot better if they just ignored it. Full story at ChicagoBreakingNews.com: Birders wonder if they contributed to owl's death I recommend reading the comments as well.

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