Monday, October 06, 2008

German-American Day!

[This is a mildly edited re-post of a previous blog entry]

Here in the USA, today, October 6, is ... German American Day! How wunderbar to start the week off this way! In 1987 Congress enacted Public Law 100-104 designating October 6 as German-American Day:
A proclamation was issued by President Reagan in a Rose Garden Ceremony calling on the American people to observe this day with appropriate celebrations and activities. The date was chosen because on October 6, 1683 the first group of Germans sailed into Philadelphia Harbor on the Concord. Individually Germans had arrived before that date. [German-American Day Teaching Unit]
Since that date, every U.S. president has made a proclamation that October 6 is German-American day, a day to honor and remember the outstanding, significant, and lasting contributions that German immigrants made to our country. For more information on German contributions to the United States, or for activities to celebrate German-American Day, I offer the following links: And, yes, I am of German descent and I am quite proud of my heritage. So, to all my family, kin, and friends -- and even to those of you who are not lucky enough to have even the smallest drop of German blood flowing in your veins -- I wish you a great day.
Haben Sie einen großen Tag!

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