Thursday, August 07, 2008

Book Review | Passages Handfasting: A Pagan Guide to Commitment Rituals (Passages)

[Cross-posted to] Hovey has written a rather useful introduction to Handfasting. I applaud the attention she has paid to the history of this ritual -- too few pagan writers seem to appreciate the roots, both known and unknown, that have contributed to the way Handfasting is celebrated today. Hovey has striven to provide a rather broad coverage in details of how to find a minister, how to plan/budget for the wedding, etc. She even includes god/desses from various pantheons (while recommending against crossing pantheons/traditions) who, in her mind, are most appropriate entities to invoke. Sidenote: As a Germanic Reconstructionist myself, I think she missed the boat on the Norse pantheon; why did she not recommend Thor and Sif? They are the epitome of male/feminine, sky/earth, etc. pairs. This book is aimed at the general Neo-pagan or Wiccan audience so most Heathen types will not likely find much use for her ritual descriptions. Still, it's an overall good introduction and is likely to be a good reference for interfaith ministers.

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