Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vacation 2008 Summary

Greetings from the vacation trail! At left you will see yours truly with the lovely Mrs. Brainwise. This photo was taken right around the middle of our trip on July 2, back when we were taking in part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Oh, happier times!

We started this trip on June 27, driving to Mooresville, NC, (where we met up with my parents, sister, and niece) and then continued to Atlanta, GA. After spending a few days in Atlanta, we shipped out to Asheville, NC, where we parted company with the rest of our fellow vacationers. From that point, we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway (hence the photo at left) before settling into beautiful Boone, NC for a night. Oh, how we miss Boone! Mrs. Brainwise and I could easily move to the home of Appalachian State University.

This morning I am writing from Hagerstown, MD, in what must have been a four star hotel ... back in the day. We are about to embark on the last leg of our trip -- the road home. Monday, we are both back to work.

After we return, and decompress from the journeys, I'll try to post more vacation photos to my Flickr account, and write a little more about what we saw and did during our brief excursion.

Mrs. Brainwise at the original Mast General Store in Boone, NC.


Anonymous said...


Good to find snaps here of your family. I'll be coming back later for more of them, as you said you'll be making additions.

Gods bless you and your family,

Brainwise said...

Thank you so much, Indrani! We arrived home safe and sound on Saturday. We are both back to work today (sigh). I have to transfer one more set of pics from the camera to my laptop, and then get some of my wife's pics, THEN I will be uploading a decent collection of vaca photos to my Flickr account.

I'll be certain to post the URL here when that happens.