Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Web that Time Forgot

The International Herald Tribune has a story on a technology pioneer Paul Otlet, who imagined a "Steampunk version of hypertext" more than 50 years before the first Web browser was released. Check it out: The web that time forgot - International Herald Tribune
The telegraph room at the original Mundaneum in Brussels. (Mundaneum)


Anonymous said...


I think the link for 'A click for the forest' is not working anymore. Could you please look into the problem?

I tried pasting the URL of the changed homepage, but the result still leads to nowhere. I had been clicking as often as possible and would like to continue to do so.

Also, could you please translate and let me know where I am supposed to click on the new website in order to make a contribution?

Thank you so much.

Brainwise said...

Hi Indrani:

I did fix the link, and it is going to the "you clicked" destination. But for some reason, the landing page still defaults to Swedish even though I have used the "&lang=english" tag. I have the tag saved, but it seems to be truncated either when the page is rendered, or during the transition to the target page.

But if you click the British flag in the upper right corner of the landing page, you will see the English translation letting you know that you have indeed helped to preserve old growth forest.

Thanks for the message!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I clicked today and did my bit again.
But as the URL can't be accessed directly, I've left a message saying the same on my blog:

From now, I'll come here and click.

Have a nice day!

Brainwise said...

Here is the new landing URL you are looking for (for the "Click for the Trees"):

Hope that helps.