Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fantasy Congress

Who hasn't dreamed of changing the world? Or, at the very least, reworking the government in your neck of the world? Well, if you're one of those people who dream of changing the U.S. government (legally, mind you), and the current election season just isn't enough for you, there is ... It "works just like fantasy sports leagues except instead of sports players, you draft politicians who receive scores based on their legislation, votes, news*, election metrics* and other measures." C'mon! What could be more fun than that? For those of you with children, this looks to be a great way to educate them (and, maybe, yourself) about politics and legislation. And it's free! Sign-up now for the Spring Session!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be recommending Fantasy Congress at this point. It was great last year but in this current session the site is majorly messed up. Numerous errors and no recent communications from the owners. It seems to have been abandoned. So disappointing, since many of us got hooked on it last year when the site actually worked.

Brainwise said...

That's a shame. It looked so promising!