Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I don't often remember my dreams. Let me be more accurate about this: I don't seem to retain my dreams beyond the first 30 minutes of waking. But today is different. I can still see some of last night's images in my mind's eye, still hear something of the voices still echoes. It was about sailing. You probably guessed that after reading this entry's title and the first paragraph. But what might not be clear is what kind of sailing was featured while I engaged in R.E.M. sleep. Actually, it's not really all that clear to me either. But I'll try to get a few notes down before they join my other dream memories in evaporation. It seemed like small boat sailing was in progress. When I say "small boat sailing", I am drawing on some experience from my Scouting days, specifically a week at Camp Mountain Run learning how to sail the one or two man vessels we had at the boating lake. Were the boats in my dream the same as the ones from my past? I would have to say ... yes and no. There were several boats, and many boaters. And a number of the boats resembled the Catman(?) crafts from that distant summer. Other boats appeared to be somewhat larger, but still did not hold more than three or maybe half a dozen passengers. Odd? Yes. Now, for the bit I can remember -- or at least remember the most -- I was right next to a two-man craft and I think I had recently made a go of it. And by that I mean the sailing. I'm not sure how it turned out, or even how I got to that current position, which was the shore, but apparently the whole escapade could have gone better. The individual speaking to me gestured to the mass of boats in the distance, pointed out one in particular. I think I was meant to know who was piloting that particular boat, but I cannot recall how that might be or whether a name was mentioned. But the speaker just pointed to that individual and said something like, "Do you see what he [or so-and-so, or whatever] is doing out there?" I nodded, but I really had no clue. "Come on," the speaker insisted, "look!" As I watched the boat attack a small wake, the voice of the speaker trailed on. I don't recall specific words, but the message seemed to be something about intent and direction. He might have even said something like "attack the wake," but I cannot be certain. I awoke from this image around 5:00am (EST). I could not return to the dream, or achieve adequate repose after that. This small snippet from the dream is all I have. And the fact that it has stayed with me this long today indicates that I am meant to do something with it. What that is ... remains to be seen.
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