Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday Pet Blogging (Early Saturday Edition)

Thanks to new photos by Mrs. Brainwise, we can return to Pet Blogging at Prophet or Madman. First up, we have the oh-so-darned-cute Milo, who is sitting very pretty:

"Oh, how cute am I? Go ahead and count the ways."

And that Otis is just a tangle o' feet as he sleeps on the couch. (In Mrs. Brainwise's seat, natch).


And one by one, the pet blogging posts steal my sanity ...

More Pet Blogging
  1. See the Friday Ark, featuring a compilation of today's pet blogging posts, over at The Modulator.
  2. Check the M&O Archives for some previous Milo & Otis appearances.
  3. Carnival of the Cats, coming at you every Sunday.
  4. And one of the funniest/cutest/obsessivest (OK, I know that's not a word!) sites for cat photos, is a must see. Take it from them: Stuff + Cats = Awesome!
  5. And for a funny and saccharin sweet photo collection of cat, kitty, and other critters that have been tagged with LOL, go see I Can Has a Cheezeburger? Really, these are good.

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