Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sit a Spell

Lifehacker has a relevant post for all those folks who, like me, are desk jockies. They're not cheap, but we are talking about maintaining your spine ... and that just can't be replaced, y'know. UPDATE: Buck (from Tête-à-Tête-Tête) pointed out that the link to the story was broken. I have corrected it, and there are two alternative links posted in the comments.


Buck said...

Your second link is busted and it surely provides information that I need.

brainwise said...

Thanks for alerting me to the problem. The link should be functioning now. If not, you can see the same story over at That's Fit:

Buck said...


Sitting at a computer ALL DAY LONG is tougher than many people think and tougher than I would have ever thought. If fact you really don't give it much thought until you have done it for 15 years and you realize that things in your body just don't work like they should.

And the hell of it is I have 15 more years to go!

brainwise said...

You're welcome!

And I'm right with you. I suspect we are even on the same timeline. I started my so-called professional career in '91.

My back was thrown out of wack by both the desk jockeying and driving cars that were too small for me -- a 6' frame in a compact car is prevented from sitting up straight!

A few years of chiro with traction treatments has helped. So does remembering to get up from the desk every now and then to take a walk around the office building.