Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blogroll Updates | Categories

You may have noticed that I've updated the blogroll. No longer are the "other blogs" listed simply in alphabetical order. I have attempted to categorize them! The current categories are:
  1. Faith -- Blogs about particular spiritual paths, or blogs that specialize in how religion/faith is covered in the press or academics.
  2. Think -- Blogs covering a range of topics (history, meta-gnostic-physics, film, commentary, etc.), but all designed to make you think ... or at least ponder a new idea or two.
  3. Politic -- These are blogs that cover politics, politicians, and news about politics and politicians.
  4. Tech -- Blogs where the primary focus is on science, technology, computers, etc.
  5. Personal -- These blogs might venture out with posts that fit the first 3 or 4 categories I've already defined, but they seem to be more focused on documenting personal experience.
  6. Mixed -- Blogs that don't necessarily have a primary focus. They cover topics that fall under categories 1 through 5, but I really cannot bring myself to label them as specifically "personal."
  7. Sports -- This category obviously covers blogs that focus on sports and recreation.
If I have a link to your blog, and you feel I have not correctly labeled it, feel free to contact me. Or just leave a comment to this post.

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