Friday, January 05, 2007


During my hiatus, I noticed a number of things I don't like about Prophet or Madman. One is the appearance -- I need to update the look around here. This post, however, is not about unveiling a new look. This is about the other thing that bothered me: bad links. Several of the blogs I try to follow have gone through a change or two that must be reflected in ye ol' blogroll. So, I've updated the URLs for A Heathen Blog, Dependable Renegade, in my own words (formerly thoughts from an empty room), poohead, and Tête-a-Tête-Tête. If any of my visitors had relied on my humble site to access those fine (and more frequently updated) pages, I do apologize. Of course, not every change is simply a change in address. The Bull Moose, which seems to have closed shop back in November of '06, has been removed. There are a few other blogs on this list that have not been updated in a while. But their addresses are still correct and I am holding out hope that they -- as I recently have -- will come out of their respective dormancies and begin bloggin' anew. Oh, and please bid a raring Prophet or Madman welcome to Freyrs Domain, the latest addition to the blogroll. That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

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