Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Pet Blogging | Get Outta My Box!

(Milo + Otis) / Cardboard Box = Pet Blogging Gold Otis loves the Lillian Vernon box, especially with his blanket sitting in it. He does not, however, like it when his brother Milo tries to check it out. I guess Otis figures that his brother has the kennel to himself, so the box is "his" private space. Well, this past Sunday, Milo finally made it into the box. And he was pretty happy with himself. Otis knew he was in the box, and seemed to be trying to ignore the proceedings ... until he noticed that we were taking pictures of Milo. Then he got jealous of the attention, remembered that he liked to keep the box for himself, etc. So he made his way over to the box so that he could speak to his brother eye to eye (or, perhaps, nose to nose).

"Wooooo! Your breath isn't exactly fresh either."

Soon after this photo was taken, Milo scrambled out of the box. And right after that, Otis crawled into it ... and proceeded to take yet another nap.

And one by one, the pet blogging posts steal my sanity ...

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PJ said...

Yes, that scene has played out many times here as well...ha.

srp said...

Ours really like those half boxes with the cuts in the sides... like the ones you get at Costco to hold the food in your car. They can be used either as a box or upside down as a cave, with a built in entrance and usually slats in the sides to keep watch on whomever might try and sneak up on them.