Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Perfect Fuzzy Faces

This evening I downloaded the latest set of photos from the Nikon CoolPix. I had taken a bunch of shots at rehearsal on Tuesday (The Last Five Years at Montgomery Theater). Unfortunately, I didn't get anything worth sharing. But I did come across a surprise or two. Mrs. Brainwise must have recenlty lifted the camera because I know I didn't take these nice pics of Milo and Otis showing their perfect fuzzy faces:

Milo throws a carefree glance over his shoulder. (Yes, Mom still has that damn camera!)

Otis ponders the miracle of a sunbeam. (Actually ... he's either zoning out or wishing he could catch a bird.)

I gotta leave the camera unattended more often.

And here come the opportunities to see more pet blogging posts...

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