Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yes, But is it Art?

I'm sure this little TV broadcast is going to raise strong feelings on both sides of the aisle.

"Death of a President" The Associated Press Published: August 31, 2006 British TV channel to show film of fictional Bush assassination

LONDON British television channel More4 plans to broadcast a dramatic film, documentary-style, about a fictional assassination of U.S. President George W. Bush, the network's head said Thursday. The program uses actors and digital manipulation of real footage to show a fictional account of Bush being gunned down after delivering a speech in Chicago, Peter Dale, the head of More4, told a news conference.


Dale said he expected the film would upset some, but defended it as a sophisticated piece of work. "It's not sensationalist, or simplistic but a very thought-provoking, powerful drama," he said.

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So, Mr. Dale expects the film to upset some people? That's not exactly a long shot. I mean, I'd take that bet. And I would also bank on a fairly large fan base for the flick, too. (Anyone remember a scathing little "documentary" by a certain Mr. Moore?) And, yes, it may be powerful, it might even be profoundly thought-provoking, but is it necessary? And I have to wonder ... what would have happened to the filmmakers if they had been American citizens working in the USA? How far would they have made it before the Secret Service stopped by to visit the set? Will there be any screenings in America? ----------------------- Update (9/20/2006): The film won an award.

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