Friday, April 14, 2006


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If you are in NYC this weekend, and don't really have any *ahem* Easter plans, then maybe you would like to take in this original work by "junk percussionist" Donald Knaack. According to the website, ODIN: THE OPERA "chronicles the story of Odin, God of the Gods, and Loko, militaristic mastermind with a dirty secret, in the days leading up to the war to end all wars: Ragnarok." Knaack's music is played on "Plastic bottles, Scrap Hardwood, Metal 55 Gallon Drums, Wood Wind Chimes, Frying Pans, a Snowboard Xylophone, a Cardboard Box, Artillery Shells, and Automobile Brake Drums" and the story is lifted from (but not an exact retelling of) the Eddas. But it looks rather interesting. ODIN: THE OPERA runs April 14,15,16 at the Frederick Loewe Theatre (NYU). For ticket info, go to or call the box office at 212-998-5281. And if you go, could you get me a t-shirt or a recording? Or something?

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