Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | PetAura!

Going in a slightly different direction for the cat pics today. Mrs. Brainwise's friend, Teres, is something of an artist. And in the past few years, she has done paintings of Simon (who passed away in October, 2003) and Otis from photographs. Here are the results (click images to see larger versions):
Simon in Repose
Otis in Window
In my opinion, she got the basic concept of Simon (and we love having this piece hanging in our living room), but she really captured the essence of Otis. Apparantly, Teresa enjoyed this process so much that she decided to launch, which will go live in June this year. Until that opens, you can check out her past and current projects at: Links to more good cat (and other pet) blogging below...

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Anonymous said...

Where's Milo?

brainwise said...

Teres' portrait of Milo, much to my continued disappointment, has not been completed. I think it is in progress, but I have yet to see anything.