Tuesday, March 07, 2006

One Year Anniversary

My father-in-law passed from this world a year ago. The day after his passing, Prophet or Madman stood as a simple tribute to the man who raised my wife. In many ways, it feels like he never left. But in hundreds of subtle ways -- perhaps thousands or more for Mrs. Brainwise -- his absence is still painfully felt. But that is the way with grief. It is a journey with no end, but the bearing of it comes to be less and less of a burden as we work our ways through it. Carrying what we can, when we can, and asking others to share the burden when appropriate. So on this day, I salute my father-in-law and his life -- he was a good man who walked with honor. Dad, I raise you and your name up for all who have ears to hear:
Frið to you! Frið to your ancestors! And Frið to those you left behind!


Saint Pat said...

What a beautiful tribute to this father.

Yesterday was my father's birthday. He died 20-some years ago, and sometimes it feels like he left just yesterday. Other times it feels like he's been gone forever.

Grief is truly a journey.

Thank you.

Brainwise said...

Unsaintly Pat:

Thank you for stopping by and posting your lovely comment. A hearty "Hail!" to your father and his memory. May his light never dim.