Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging is Delayed

Sorry folks. I know it's disappointing, but today's pet blogging entry has to be delayed until later today, or possibly tomorrow. I just didn't have a chance to upload any new pics yet. At least you know I'm working on it. And that's a good thing, right? Right!? (Please, oh please, agree with me). Of course, the Friday Ark is in full swing without Milo and Otis. And you can check out some our boys' previous entries. Update [03-25-2006]: It's posted!


whaleshaman said...

...but friday's ark won't be complete without milo & otis.

what lovely boys, deserving of kisses and your loving care.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure you have time to post about God but not about your own boys

; )

brainwise said...

to whaleshaman:
Thank you for the kind words.

to anonymous:
Hey! This Week in "God" practically writes itself over the course of the week. I add maybe a story per day to a draft post and then ... CLICK! I publish it on Friday morning.

Blogging the boys, however, oh ... that requires taking photos ... finding the right one(s) ... uploading them to Flickr ... writing the post ... oh! such the effort.

But it is, of course, very satisfying. And I feel like something is missing when I don't have a weekly photo or two. So I cannot wait to find the perfect photo for this week.

Anonymous said...

still waiting!!!