Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Special" Valentine's Day Cards

Ahhhh. Today is V-Day. And if that "V" stands for "victory", it's only a victory for Hallmark and all their competitors. But wait, you don't have to succumb to sacharine sentimentality on this day. You do have a choice. And if you still want to send that special someone a special message, well i-Mockery has a full selection of "special" Valentine's Day cards. Be forewarned, however. Do not read these cards if you are squeamish, if you are easily offended, or if you have no sense of humor. I, for one, have been quite tickled by their fare. For example:

Special card from i-Mockery.com -- CLICK FOR MORE!

In case the image is too small for you to read the message, it states:

Valentine: nothing says 'Be Mine' Like our Suicide pact.

See? Isn't that special? Disclaimer(?): The sentiments expressed by i-Mockery's cards may or may not reflect the views of Prophet or Madman. And if you ask for further clarification, I will still be quite vague about the whole thing!

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