Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brief Thoughts on Super Bowl XL

I wanted to post this Sunday night, or even yesterday, but did not get to it. So, here are my late thoughts on the game. But, first of all, I must share with you the good luck charm that Mrs. Brainwise presented to me. A Pittsburgh Steelers Bear!

A Good Luck Charm (which worked better than this one)

So, right off the bat, you know I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. And you also get a sense of how creative my wife can be. This is a simple bear, decked in yellow and white football gear, to which she has added a small "Go Steelers!" flag. And that's not all. You see, this is an early wedding anniversary gift. We are coming up on Year Number Six, for which the gifts are Iron and Candy. Well, you can certainly see the connection between Iron and the Steelers (and if you don't, please check yourself into some basic science classes). And what could be sweeter than a little bear? Well, candy would ... and she gave me some candy as well. Oh, and she also presented a Steelers towel (for cheering on my boys) and an official Super Bowl XL program to me! Mrs. Brainwise is so clever and thoughtful! I wanted to briefly comment on the game, right? So here are my thoughts, such as they are. I knew this would be a difficult game for both teams. But I did not expect so many poor performances, both on the field and in the commercials. I might deal with the commercials in a separate post. Maybe not, so don't hold me to it. Now, as far as I see things, both teams had several chances to just run away with the game. But neither could effectively capitalize on breaks that seemed to be not only tailor made but practically handed to them. And don't try to bring up the officiating. Sure, there were a few questionable calls on both teams, but they were -- for the most part -- pretty well balanced. At any rate, it was nothing like the shoddy officiating we saw during the playoff games. In the end, the winning team was the one that -- as a whole team -- choked less often. Of course ... it's only a game. And in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't mean much. But it sure is fun when it's your own favorites who win it. ;) And I think it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of guys (oh, yeah, and Porter, too).


Buck said...

I was pulling for Pittsburgh myself. Pittsburgh has 3 ex Georgia Bulldogs on the roster while Seattle only has 2.

Ain't Hines Ward amazing!

brainwise said...

Hines Ward has been a huge factor in Big Ben's QB numbers this season. And you saw the catches he made in the Super Bowl -- less sure hands would have sunk Ben's game completion average much much lower, I am sure.

And through it all, Ward is a true team player. Love his attitude!