Friday, January 13, 2006

Quotable | Who You Are Is Active

open quotePeople want so much. We want to be someone else. 'I want to be stronger.' 'I want to be more directed.' 'I want to be superwoman. But it’s not possible. You must accept your condition. But “accept” is active. Who you are is active. Passive acceptance—that’s the immobile, inanimate Zen. It’s not the Zen I’m talking about. There’s passion here. Spirit for the quest. This is important: the sincerity of our quest and how we go about it. It’s a long path. Are you prepared? Do you want to walk on this path? Don’t think about it too much. Just walk! C’mon, let’s go! That’s Zen.
-- Jakusho Kwong, Zen master and author You can replace Kwong's Zen with something like Tao, of course. Or, if you are unfamiliar (or uncomfortable) with Eastern terms, use something like Presence, or Being. Now consider ... is there truly something such as immobile, inanimate Being as opposed to passionate, active Being? You betcha! If you are just surviving, you are living in the inanimate Being. If you are striving to thrive, then you are moving in the passionate Being. Take an inventory today ... are you walking the path, or passed out in a rut?

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Thivai Abhor said...

I'm moving toward passionate being ;)

Good post! I like the distinctions