Thursday, January 19, 2006


What if all of the sacred scriptures of the world were signed: An aspect of Divinity or Anonymous? For that matter ... what if anything we ever read, anywhere, was simply signed, Anonymous? How then would an individual approach the material? What a challenge for one's discernment skills!


Anonymous said...

In this day and age, there is no such thing as anonymous. Anything and anyone can be found out by someone at any time.
Example, you will be able to see where this comment came from, even though I will choose the anonymous button. So not so anonymous, is it?

brainwise said...

The issue of anonymity -- er, the lack thereof -- is a different issue, albeit an important one.

And, given that you've brought up the lack of anonymity in the modern age ... Well, OK. I admit that such a consideration makes the second reflection in my post ("What if everything was signed anonymous")... um ... a hard sell. Yes, it is just plain hard to consider. Maybe even impossible. That concept is just well beyond the pale of our day to day imagination.

Ah, but that is precisely the point of "What if...", isn't it? Er, well, it is certainly a point of consideration: Can you imagine the unimaginable?

And if you can mentally take yourself to a place where this suggestion is already possible, I want to hear about your experience.

Buck said...

I am always more interested in what a person thinks than who they are.

You can google "anonymous quotes" and have lots of fun!