Friday, December 02, 2005

Color me ... Gone (for the Weekend)

I probably won't be blogging this weekend, which won't be much of a change for me, really. But as opposed to the usual reason (um, just not getting around to it), I don't think I can blog this weekend. I'll be away and I doubt I'll have Internet access. Where am I going? (Ahhh, what a question, eh). I am attending a retreat during which we will discuss the topic of "Our Religions of Origin." Let me know if that piques your interest at all. If so, I'll post a summary upon my return to the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

OK, my intrest is piqued. Let us know what it was and how it went...

Be well,
Dave H.

brainwise said...

I'm working on that summary for you, Dave. Thanks for the interest.