Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Mrs. Brainwise and I found this on our annual "day before Thanksgiving Day" shopping trip to State College, PA. It is a wonderfully humorous message for today ... and it will make a great gift for my parents. (I can already hear my father laughing about it). Now, for message more in keeping with the true sentiment of this holiday, here is a prayer I wrote, called Hail Sun:
Hail to thee, Sun ! Who warms the Earth and Sky Hail to thee, Sky! Who sends life-giving rains to Earth Hail to thee, Earth! Our true Mother, who brings forth food and sustenance from Her all-giving self We who gather together give honor and thanks to these Natural Powers to the Source behind and to all who labor doing their part in bringing this meal to pass
Here is wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday. May you have time to reflect on your blessings, and to appreciate those around you, especially the ones you may not necessarily hold close.

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