Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alito Musings

Note: I was going to title this entry, "Alito Droppings," but decided against it. Aren't you glad? So there's a now SCOTUS nominee in town. GWB has re-emerged, fresh from the wounds he suffered over the course of the Harriet Miers nomination debacle, and put forth the name of Sam Alito, an appeals court judge with seemingly solid credentials. Well, law credentials that is. At least he had been working in Constitutional Law as opposed to Miers. I'm not fully up on my appeals court judges, so I don't have any commentary of my own on this nomination ... yet. But I will direct you to some of the better commentary I have found around the blogosphere (mostly courtesy of Heretical Ideas, Running Scared, and Middle Earth Journal). I'm sure I missed a few other good posts, but this list will at least get you moving in the direction of getting informed.

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