Monday, August 01, 2005

Fave Bloggage Update

I haven't updated my Fave Bloggage list over there in the sidebar for a while. But since I have recently added to my already over-burdened daily reading, I decided to add two new links so that I can share these fine finds with the Prophet or Madman regulars (all two or three of you -- and you know who you are). For this update, one blog goes in a decidedly funny (and neo-con bashing) route, while the other walks a more serious path. So, weighing in with some serious knowledge and discussion is Science Blog, which has actually been around since late 2002 but has only recently found my attention. In their own words, more or less:
Science Blog is published by a team of science editors, writers and enthusiasts. ...[It] encompasses subjects ranging from Computers & Electronics to Bioscience & Medicine. It is read by a few hundred thousand unique visitors each month.
Try 'em out. You might end up being one of those unique visitors on a regular basis. Now that I have sufficiently stimulated your mind, allow me to tickle your funny bone. Or, rather, let Dependable Renegade do that. Maintained by the lovely and irrepressible Watertiger, Dependable Renegade strives to bring you the very best in cutting edge -- and often cut throat -- news photo captioning. Preznit Bush is often the target, but her victims are many and varied.

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