Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Pet Blogging | Milo: Four Toys

What Milo wants, Milo gets. Usually.

"I Distinctly Asked for Four DIFFERENT Toys!" Milo said calmly. And then, with only the slightest disdain creeping into his voice, he ordered, "Now, scoop up the duplicate and replace it with a unique toy post haste!"

OK. He didn't really make an order like that. He may look haughty at times, but he doesn't have a disdainful bone in his body. But ... well, look at him. How could anyone refuse a face like that?? I would have procured almost anything for him -- if only I knew what he was actually asking for.

The Modulator has a compilation of today's pet posts from other bloggers. Previous Milo & Otis appearances on Prophet or Madman are indexed here ... just in case you missed one. And do keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of the Carnival of the Cats, served fresh every Sunday.

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