Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ett klick för skogen - A Click For The Forest

Save Årrenjarkas old growth forest!
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My family tree has a few roots in Sweden, so this campaign is of great interest to me. A Click For The Forest's goals are big. Really big. Your daily click will help to preserve 3 - 30 square decimeters of old growth forest in Sweden. Each click results in a monetary contribution from the site's sponsors. The click costs you nothing, but could provide the chance that numerous species need to live in a secure forest in sustainable populations. And take a look at all the things that old growth forests can assist:
  • Tourism -- "Hey, let's go to the cool, old forest!"
  • (Outdoor) Recreation -- well, sure it brings in the tourists; but the locals love it, too!
  • Research
  • Future Generations -- we're talkin' natural heritage here, folks.
You can even buy a tree for someone you love. (Um, you don't really get the actual tree, you know. You get a certifiate that says you supported the tree.) It makes a great gift. And even more impressive gift? Donate at least $130.00 and your name -- or the name of a loved one -- will be engraved at the entrance of the Årrenjarkas forest.
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