Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Long Time No Update

OK. It has actually been five days since my last update. But in Internet time, that is practically an eternity. It might even be cause for some folks to write this off as a dead link. But no longer! I am working on some updates for you. I have been extremely busy trying to finish everything that has to be done before I head out for my family vacation to ... Disney World! Things have to be done at the office, things have to be done for the theater, and of course ... we are trying to take care of Otis. Otis returned to us on Saturday afternoon. I have pictures from his post-surgery crappy weekend -- and I do mean crappy -- but I have not downloaded them yet. So you'll just have to wait until I finish summarizing "The Return of Otis" and post the photos. I do want to thank all the folks who have extended their best wishes for Otis' health (now please pray for his accuracy -- you'll understand that after I post the update).

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